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Once a mechanical engineer always a mechanical engineer I am in training and teaching for a decade and a half now and one of the most passionate areas or processes, when I address the mechanical engineers, may that be boys may that be girls if there's one thing I notice there is this burning passion you know that we wish to become Mechanical Engineers we wish to make a carrier for ourself in mechanical so let me talk about what are the various opportunities that you do have in mechanical engineering and more importantly what is that you can probably do over the next couple of months to really get a job.

That is worth joining and then making a career aim to answer the first question that quite a few people ask that my percentage is less in mechanical engineering so will I ever get a mechanical in job answer is yes if you were to leave big companies like LNT's and abbs you'll notice the fact that having a high percentage marks in engineering might actually be a bad news and it sounds bad to talk about it but that's a reality one of the things that middle-level mechanical engineering companies are afraid of is that quite a few mechanical engineers with good percentages leave and finally go to the field of IT. 

So when the middle-level mechanical engineering comes they actually look for students who are not really topless but yes a disclaimer as I did say L NT is a B B's human dies all of them would love to have topless because at the end of that is their pain the amount that the tapas deserve to but the middle-level companies they are looking for people who are hard-working yes with passion in the heart but then middle-level companies are not going to pay you as much - so one of the important learnings that you have to have as a mechanical engineer is the first couple of years are going to be a challenge for you especially in the monetary wise but if you can survive the three-four years and if you can learn and then believe me.

The growth that happens financially in the field of mechanical engineering it is impressive enough so don't worry too much about what a CAD mixes when I was interviewed by LNT it was a three-down the interview one of the very important things that I learned and that's something that the learnings have actually you know some being supported by the experience I have had after that is when you go into the interview room companies are going to actually see the type of projects that you have done the type of extra learning that you have had and more importantly how knowledgeable you are in your area so what is the best way to improve your chances whatever be your percentage because that can be changed now the best way is to fight for some good internship now getting a good internship is not very easy because by the very nature the number of jobs that are available in mechanical engineering is limited and therefore the number of internship openings is also limited but one of the easiest ways to get a good exposure is to try to join a small and medium-scale industry go ahead go to them. meet the promoter tell them that you are willing to work free believe me

They're going to love you for the fact that they don't need to pay you so much but the same time you are going to enjoy because you are actually going to see mechanical engineering in action you probably will use his summers two to three months in a real small-scale industry learning various processes and what you need to do after that is see to it that you are not just limiting your learning to the practical aspects but love a little more use website to learn a little more on the developments that are happening in that area and then put that in the resume it when you go into the interview room and when you go to the actual core company interview that is mechanical engineering company interview you'll notice the fact that they're not just going to look at your communication ability and your personality.

They're also going to focus a lot on the knowledge that you have. gained but the problem in the interview of that nature is anything can be asked they can ask you in thermodynamics they can probably ask you in manufacturing they can probably ask you in robotics the area is lost how do you win the show focus on one area and force them to ask questions not one area and which is the best area that they would love to focus on again internship so please see to it that you are taking internship as a very important opportunity for you not just to control your entry into the interview room but also to control the interview itself which improves your chances of getting admission you know I did my interview I did my internship with Atlas Copco which is one of the Swedish companies I'll never forget my final question that was asked by director manufacturing of LNT he only asked me much question during my interview.

He said tell me what is the most amazing machine that you saw in that Factory listen to this question very carefully this question did not just talk about the manufacturing experience that I had inside it was also trying to understand what excited me ladies gentlemen keep your eyes open when you are doing your internship observe don't just be looking at your own job you are going to have many people who are going to be working in that place including people with a lot of experience diploma holders learn from them learn from the bosses because in a small company there's a very good chance there'll be a lot of discussion and challenges that will be discussed about in open public forum keep your ears open and then finally when you go into the interview room talk about all this mechanical engineering isn't any exciting area yes mat factors I left that area but many of my batch mates have taken leadership position in that area you like it go for it but do remember it's not a very easy part to take whatever passion you have in your heart you need to continue having that flame pure for at least three to four years because the first three to four years is going to be the most challenging in your corporate life that you are going to commence hopefully by next year ladies gentlemen all the very best.

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